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firmus energy city of Derry triathlon will take place on 19th June 2016 in Derry~Londonderry. The sprint triathlon encompasses a 750m swim, 5km run and 20km cycle.
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What Triathletes Should Know About The Cycle

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What Triathletes Should Know About The Cycle

  1. As you exit the water after the swim and come to the standing position you may find yourself a little unbalanced do not worry this will pass very quickly. So now you are thinking to yourself — where is my bike, you’ll be glad to know it’s still in the same position you left it in.
  2. While running into transition open your wet suit and start to take it off your shoulders, remove your swim hat and goggles, hold them in one hand (left or right had it doesn’t matter) and pull your hand holding the goggles and hat into the sleeve. The sleeve is now inside out, let your goggles and hat go to remain inside the sleeve, pull your other arm out and get the wetsuit down to your waist.
  3. You have now arrived at your bike, push your wet suit down to you ankles and step out of the suit — in real terms you stand on one of the wet suit legs while pulling with your foot. After a very short Irish Jig you get the wetsuit off, bundle it up and put it under your bike.
  4. Next step is to PUT ON YOUR HELMET and glasses, then and only then take your bike off the rack and head to the transition ‘Cycle Out’ chute. Some people like to wear socks during the cycle, if you are that person practice putting them on while your feet are wet.
  5. There will be a Mount line on the road, make sure you pass this mark before you get on your bike. You are allowed run well past this line if you wish. More experienced triathletes will run down the road and do a squirrel mount (jump onto the saddle while the bike is moving). If you used light elastic bands to hold you cycling shoes in position put your feet on top of the shoes and start cycling, build up a bit of speed and then put one foot into you shoe then the other, reach down and secure the Velcro strip — now you are ready to put all your effort into cycling. If you decide to run out from transition while wearing your cycling shoes, take care that you do not slip. After the mount line secure you shoes into the pedals and head off on the cycle.
  6. The course is a left hand turn only course over the two bridges in Derry/Londonderry; it is a two lapped course. Remember to rehydrate while you are on the bike (take plenty of small drinks of water). As you are cycling on public roads the ‘Rules of the Road’ apply even though the inside lane is closed to traffic still take care of other road users.
  7. On your second lap just before you come to the last round-a-bout take your feet out from your shoes and put them on top of your shoes, at the round-a-bout you will be directed into the transition area and the dismount line. Make sure both your feet are on the ground before your front wheel touches this line, run with your bike back to your transition position, rack your bike, take off your helmet, put on your running shoes and head to the ‘Run Out’ chute to start your run.
  8. Weeks before the event you should practice the transition change over (swim to cycle and cycle to run) also practice mounting your bike without getting yourself caught in the pedals and wheels. Try a practice run holding you bike by the saddle as you run out of and into transition — this is a skill worth spending time on to master.
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